четвртак, 30. новембар 2017.

Peplum and Winter Dress ...

Hello. Actually, I do not for a long time or it seems to me loooong long post written for granted :) Almost every day something stare attaching to deal with other things you sew something for 3-4 days probably came to me a very long :) Actually, I was busy with other things: Drum serials I watch on the internet accumulated, The Mentalist, Gray's Anatomy, Castle, NCSI: LA, Sherloks , CSI series all kinds :), How I Met your Mother ... the list is long :) going than I like to follow these publications hours missed from the internet I do not think it's time to turn on the TV, and I can not expect much from other curiosities and I enjoy the beauty of the internet. I watched them in my few had the film in mind, I want to watch the latest episode Twilight primarily Ohhhhhhhh now I'm comfortable, I watched my mind and now I'll wait for refilling :) actually I was at the computer can tell you, but I stopped for not other things to add to the blog :)
However, in the meantime I sewed something of course, and that made me so uneven to make a piece of it :)  I wandered I wandered the clothier has put me and this eye was fitted :) Actually, I take 1.5 meters, but the seller cut not because the fabric of said end is up to 2.5 meters that I give to you the 2 meter price said hooooop air vessel did :) The fabric is huge :) The fabric is winter, it can be used as a fabric and double sided, but not the other way around. You will understand how I use his beauty by looking at the pictures below :) Anyway if you want to go to the pictures without talking too much :)

I will now say that both stripes, peeps, long sleeves, and closed nadir are this raucous :) It was true, actually I thought that I would either make a jacket or a dress with it, but I thought I should take the elite to sew and do something else. I cut to sew clothes and I still had no peplum in my mind but I wanted to add a difference when I did the dress and I added peplumu, and there was no peplpless clothes before this, this is the first :)

Yes you have a mini jacket on your neck as you see it in the mouth :) Actually it is not a long sleeved dress that is not fooled you :) :) hahaha :)

When we take out the jacket, there is a short-sleeved dress underneath it :) There is no such a sleeved outfit in the meantime, for the first time I used a long arm in this length :)
After the jacket comes out, a dress with a peek is coming out :) I wanted to throw a cut in the middle and add some air. Because the fabric is winter and it is very thick, there is a rub on each side because it keeps flowing when weaving, and everywhere we rope, even more important, even aka aka seams can be removed. For this reason, there is a swollen all over the seams all over the place. This made me very distracted, frankly, it took a very long time to sew ... I made all my sutures with the wolves, zigzag graze on the edges, do not flow, and do the stitches like this in thick fabrics :)

As for the jacket over. I made the length of the jacket short, because if it was long, it would be rough in the region with the peel, and I made the neck to the starting level of the peplum and it becomes a short but long sleeved jacket :) I said that the fabric is double sided and I used it in this way. the other side is covered with the longitudinal shape while the side is crossed :) I love this jacket and the fabric :) And I also finished the huge fabric, I have taken a lot of good :)
I have developed a very interesting method when it comes to how to sew double-sided jacket Aaaaa, I think and it amazes me that I have come to mind myself :) At this point I do not think it is incomprehensible I must explain with visuals becaremem :) :)
Yes I hope you like

Peplum and Winter Dress ...

Hello. Actually, I do not for a long time or it seems to me loooong long post written for granted :) Almost every day something stare attac...