уторак, 14. новембар 2017.

Skirt-Jacket... (It's over in two weeks ...)

Hello friendsssss :)

It's been a long time, should not you share something planted. It was a long time since I took a look at it and it is quite a lot for me when I think about my performance :) Anyway .... After starting work, I have spent the rest of the day eating and resting home, you do not have anything left in your hands when you leave in the spare time :) I still have a few small pieces of planting between them but I have not had time to photograph them so they are :)

By the way, I've been back from vacation. A month long is a holiday, it was great and I will share with you your photos of my green Artvin later, of course, but for a long time I did not share the dress,
Believe me, I've finished photographing the irony for two weeks, but when it comes to my work, when I say cleaning clothes, such a sarki also hangs :) Thank goodness I was able to photograph it and see if you'll like it :)

In the meantime, you have noticed my new image, I wanted to make a radical change, I have entered the khafres and I said cut and the paint is yellow :) I was in the hairdresser for four hours and I had my head burned during the hairdressing process ..... But the change is good, I do not need yellow, but why amaaannnn why I did not ask why I did not even finished.

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