уторак, 14. новембар 2017.

A simple vest ...

Hi friends ... I wanted to share with you a practical maid I made last autumn. As for autumn, he went out and he came to share my mind. I can not really try to make the ape, because when I open two holes in a cloth I bought from the market and surf around, the vest is already completed. I guess you could see the similarities everywhere, I think it was a work I saw in 10marifet. It's not so easy for people to stay true, but now I can not find the 10maripette related page. I will definitely add it when I find it. There are a lot of studies going on, but I do not like them. They are friends who I will research and find. Nevertheless, 10marifet must have been carved in mind as a place where everything can be found :)
Yes, if I come to what I do :)

As to how he did it;
Here is this simple simple :) Below is the state of the arms are drawn closely :)

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