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Yellow lace

Hello friends..
I like this shirt most of the time and it is also very useful in business life :)

I used the molds of my Jacket Pattern again in my blouse ... Once you have this pattern, you can adapt it to everything. This is the reason why I have been working with jackets and shirts lately :) I once got out of the right clothes and made some small changes to my top clothes :)
I completed the collar in this shirt first and I added these extensions later on the shoulders. Because what I want is a multi-purpose extension that I can leave a droop when I want to do it. So after I finished my shirt, I fixed these extensions in my dick and shoulder

Such an image is formed when I attack the back of the ropes :)
If I want to connect from the front I want to height :)
In the meantime, as you can see in this photo, I made plenty of cuts in the arms and gave it a yellow rubbery wrinkle on the wrist. In the same way you can make your shirring under your shin rubber or it can be used in a shorter form with a curl in the work.

The back of my shirt :)

This is whether you want two ropes or a single rope release is a pose in front of the back air :) The aim is to explain in more detail what you can use in any way: D
I used to say that I made the arms using the same pattern, but the only difference here is that they cut the arms straight down rather than at a narrow angle. When you do this, you can make the molds in the circles. I chose to do it because I deal with lace fabric because the fabric is really delicate and I did not want to deal with the button or something :)

These are the parts you cut for the extra collar that is not in the mold. I closed it with these. I hope you like ......

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